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Scignals, formerly known as ILSB, focuses on research, development and commercialization of specialized technologies for recording and processing biomedical signals in the health field (a small presentation here). To achieve these objectives, we are currently working on different projects such as MemBoost, a memory enhancing wearable currently under development, or Signalino, an open-source and low cost biosignals acquisition system based on Arduino (see our shop)

Scignabot, another great project, is a brain-computer interface platform for interaction with neurorehabilitation robots. Scignabot is carried out in the Laboratory of New Technologies for Neurorehabilitation (Madrid, Spain), joining forces with the San José Institute Foundation and iDRhA, an spin-off of the NeuroBioengeniering group of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Alicante, Spain).

We also provide technological solutions for Brainnovative, a company specialized in consulting for Consumer Oriented Neuroscience

Cognitive enhancing

Enhancing brain resources with the latest technologies.


Virtual & Augmented Reality


EEG & sleep


Brain computer interfaces help in neurorehabilitation.


Robotic devices



Consumer Neuroscience

We help companies to benefit from our experience with real projects.


Eye tracking



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About Us

We are experts in neurotechnology


Juan Barios


Nazario Felix

Brain signals are what makes us tick. Working at the cutting edge. Making technology deliver. Creating stunning technological solutions. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s why we love coming to work. It’s what we’re good at.

Who we are

Scignals is a global pioneering company on a mission to supply brain-enhancing solutions to people. Our goal is to lead fuller lives by enhancing control of your brain with evidence-based technologies, spanning the continuum between healthy and pathological brain states. Company’s pipeline includes several products: Memboost, a learning enhancer trough sleep modulation; Signalino, our open solution for recording biosignals; and Scignabot, a brain-computer-interface that we are developing designed for interaction with groundbreaking research of NeuroBioEngineering group at the Miguel Hernandez University, where robots provide effective, patient-adaptive therapy, intended to restore upper-extremity motor control for a broad range of neurological conditions and recovery stages, including early recovery from acute stroke. We’ve brought together a team of dedicated, passionate developers who love building great products based on cutting-edge technology related to neuroscience. We’ve got the experience that counts. Our customers trust us to deliver outstanding results. Every time. We wouldn’t settle for less. We love technology, but we like all sorts of random things. Forn rice. Marathon running. Random walking. But we’re pretty sure that working with signals coming from the brain is what we do best.

Scignals story

In 2016, Juan Barios y Nazario Felix founded Scignals. They had previously worked together for several years as neuroscience researchers. Their dream was to create a company that would set new standards in neurotechnology, improving life of people using the most advanced tools joining neuroscience knowledge and cutting-edge technology. They had no shortage of experience to draw on. Combining technical expertise with advanced knowledge, they’ve built incredible software and hardware for improving life of people.


At Scignals, we live by our values. They shape the way we work and how we interact with the world. We pride ourselves on continuously doing after careful reading


We try to keep our brains full of knowledge about your brain


We develop great products at amazing speed.


We believe in talking openly and honestly.


We create solutions because that is what we love.

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