H2020 co-finances Memboost

The European Commission supports MemBoost, our memory enhancing system


The innovation of the company of the Scientific Park of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche ILSB stands out in the field of biomedical signals and neurorehabilitation. That is why its system MemBoost has attracted attention in the European financing program Instrument Pyme. Through the Horizon 2020 initiative, the European Commission has decided to support this firm promoted by Juan Antonio Barios, Jorge Barios and Nazario Félix. Specifically, the company has received in the first stage of this program an economic endowment of 50,000 euros and advice from an expert in the sector of technologies applied to the Health sector Grant 854766..

This financial support will allow the company of the UMH Scientific Park to establish a viable business plan for its project MemBoost, a tool that seeks to enhance memory. Its objective is to facilitate learning and recall through a system based on solid neuroscientific principles with which, through a wearable, you can modulate the capacity of sleep and consolidate memory.

MemBoost allows to detect an electrical signal of the brain and process it to know the phase of sleep in which the individual is. It is necessary to determine this stage since the system developed by ILSB works in the NO REM phase, one in which memories are consolidated when passing from short-term memory in the long term. With specific and calculated sound stimuli, MemBoost allows to enhance and increase the natural ability of sleep to strengthen memory. “In addition, it is possible that its continued use may favor the maintenance of memories in very early stages of cognitive decline,” says the CEO of the company Juan Antonio Barios. He adds: “Therefore, we think that this project can be very useful in early stages of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”

ILSB is a company focused on research, development and commercialization of specialized technologies in the processing of biomedical signals aimed at areas of cognitive improvement and use of brain-machine interfaces for neurorehabilitation.



Juan B

Co-Founder at Scignals, a Researcher aspirant

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